End of Year Wrap – That’s it Folks!


So this is what went down in 2016:

I HAVE A MANUSCRIPT. YEASSHH. It’s a 60K Dark YA Contemporary. YEASSHH. Here’s a pic from my inspiration board. It’s not a literal character in my book, more of cryptic representation. And anyway, it’s Utada in cat ears, I can’t make up anything as good as that. You might see more of my picture board next year 🙂



I haven’t spoken to my Beta (Super BetaGurl) in a very long time. In fact, every time I even think of her THIS starts playing in my head. Yes, that’s me below. I was a happy bridesmaid.


My MS is homeless. I’m not sure what direction to take with it yet.


I’ve further broadened my knowledge in diversity and its importance in literature. I believe as an author of colour it is my duty to write realistic and meaningful characters of colour. I’m also thinking about taking up a Sensitivity Reader next year.


I miss interacting with readers on social platforms. But I like… have no book!


I am now on sabbatical, so see you sometime next year I hope. It’s been SO SO long since my last update/book/everything. But…

Stay Beautiful

Why Do Girls Fight?

vintage boxing women






















Fear not to the sole person who reads this blog (hiya)… I have been writing away behind the scenes.

I tried writing a breathy and feely-feels coming of age thing… finished one chapter and… that’s it. Don’t really do beautiful very well.

Then I tried writing this rather chipper YA rom-com sort of girly thing and… well I don’t really do girly lovey-dovey that well (I mean, boys, oh yucks).

I’m just a bogan from Perth with an urge to sometimes punch things.

Which brings me to the question….

Why do girls fight?





Who gets to wear the one dress to the ball if 2 girls have chosen the same one?

To defend another girl?

Just ‘cos?

I like this question. Maybe I can do something with it.


See you, Stay Beautiful