Driving With The Low Beam On


Hey folks, how is life? I’m still not getting a lot of sleep and days are exhaustingly filled with playdoh (it’s hard to explain) so I have very little time to plan and make elaborate cork boards so I propose…

The Busy Mummas Writing Method (aka Driving With the Low Beams On)

Set aside a small slice of time in your life. Let it be once a week in the morning if you can negotiate it, or once a night if bb decides to drop off early.

Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Just write slowly and as fast as your addled mind can take it. You might not be able to see the end of the story or even the major plot reveal or even where your story is even heading… but it is one foot in front of the other. Remember, even if you just have¬†the low beam on, you can still drive very slowly in the pitch dark night.

Don’t run over any Goths.

If you have to stop sometimes, it’s okay.

If you stop and stare at the darkness, something might happen to light up the sky and suddenly the picture makes sense.

It’s slow.

But it’s doable.

And sometimes it’s enough to get you by.

See you at the end of the road ūüėČ



Why Do Girls Fight?

vintage boxing women






















Fear not to the sole person who reads¬†this blog (hiya)… I have been writing away behind the scenes.

I tried writing a¬†breathy and feely-feels coming of age thing… finished one chapter and… that’s it. Don’t really do beautiful very well.

Then I tried writing this rather chipper YA rom-com sort of girly thing and… well I don’t really do girly lovey-dovey that well (I mean, boys, oh yucks).

I’m just a bogan from Perth with an urge to sometimes punch things.

Which brings me to the question….

Why do girls fight?





Who gets to wear the one dress to the ball if 2 girls have chosen the same one?

To defend another girl?

Just ‘cos?

I like this question. Maybe I can do something with it.

Feel free to leave your opinions and anecdotes in the comments below.

EDIT: I bashed (pardon the pun) out 1000 words just then. Hurrah. I could be onto something.

DISCLAIMER: Why don’t I hide my writing intentions like other writers like it’s such a hush-hush mystical process in case other people like… do a stealz? Because it’s not. It’s just a lot of hard work. There’s nothing magical about it. Plus you’d be mad to want to write about fighting girls anyway (like me, high five).

See you, Stay Beautiful