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I have a lovely writing space at home with a big wooden table and a window view (always messy though, always), but nothing beats the treat of getting out of the house and into a cafe with a laptop.

It really helps to change your perspective, free up your mind and there’s no little writing quibble a hot chocolate and a warm blueberry & apple muffin cant fix.

I was joined yesterday by awesome writer Cristy Burne – if there’s one writerly tool I can’t do without – that’s finding someone who you can write peacefully with. So the silences are filled with prospect and words on the page and you can resurface for lunch with someone who understands everything you’re going through.

I surprised myself by writing close to 2000 words yesterday. Usually I end up caving in to the wi-fi (much to Cristy’s aghast) and… procrastinating (no, looking at Goodreads is not “research”)

All you need is a powerpoint and a cafe that won’t kick you out (and is sold by your argument that you are in fact a “living art installation”). Today looks like a gorgeous day to write.



Agreed! I get way more done when I’m at a cafe. I think it’s the fear of looking like I’m just there doing nothing that spurs my productivity…that and the coffee… mmm

shirley marr
shirley marr

Very true Trin! It’s a great way to break a writing slump!

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