Fragments. And Ludo. I have always loved Ludo.


I’m in a sleep deprived mood, so therefore I am in a sort of meandering-can’t-really-write-feed-me-breakfast-all-day-long kind of mood. So I can only do strange fragments, small thoughts and vague ideas at the moment. Here are some million dollar ideas, punters. In fact I am sure they are so valuable that I am going to publicly announce them…

Fight Club in an All Girls High school. Why do girls fight? Is it rebellion toward in most cases, being raised to be the nurturing half? Rights, beliefs, hierarchy, power and the boy in the skinny jeans? What are we all fighting for anyway? This story I don’t think has a happy ending. Not good if seeking publication. Need to resolve. You know what else? If I were a Fighter my Fight name would be Feral Flower Power. Just because.

Teenage Girl with an Imaginary Friend. Whom she loves more than her parents, friends, boyfriend etc. Girl needs to let go. If I had an imaginary friend I would imagine him as Ludo from Labyrinth. Maybe girl loves him until the day she dies, wherein which Imaginary friend goes to another child. Shirley, that is a terrible idea, why are you an author.

An Idea for a Gazzilion Best Selling Novel. What is universal? Dishes? Who would read a YA fiction novel about dishes. Everyone of all ages hates dishes. End of story.

Anyway, if you use any of these ideas, I take royalties via Bank Transfer, Non-Gifted Paypal or paid out in hash browns.