Booksters… I’m Back



After almost 2 years looking after a little story called “William” (which cannot be bookmarked and left to one side for even a second, but I love him, bless), I am back to do this book thing people! Can you believe it’s been that long? I mean, announcement of me going away was like… literally 3 blog posts back. Anyway, this means I’ll probably be in your face about the whole boring “author process” while I write a new manuscript and bring it to the world. There will be fun times ahead. And if not… there is always tea. And a a slice of cake. Or a whole cake. Or bakery.

To celebrate, I’ll be donning the cleaning gloves (but not the French Maid outfit) to spring clean the website and I’ve started dropping Easter Eggs related to my two previous novels. Hint: they are really easy to find, I hired a lazy rabbit.

Have fun grovers & movers.