Ombre beards. And The Writerly Fear.


I’m onboard the Colouring Train. But I don’t want to colour in flowers, I want to colour in stuff like knife welding girls and hipster beards and things. So I got this cool Mulga book and this is Turban Snake Steve. I gave him an ombre beard.

I caught up with my best date card (The one Bachie Sam wished he had), with Famous Children And Science Author Cristy Burne and I wrote. I have like a whole page of writing and this is the good bit – it doesn’t suck! Well not hard anyway. My editor might tell me it sucks a little and I have to change it later on, but that’s okay. And I thought I’d have nothing to say, because like I haven’t written anything in 2 years, but I’d write a little and then things happen and I’m excited to know what happen next so I keep writing.

I feel awesome. I’ll keep you updated.

And btw I’m colouring in a Turtle & Weasel duo at the moment so maybe you might see the results of that next time. Are they a couple? Are they “going steady”? Or maybe one of them has been friendzoned. This is what goes through your head when you’re a writer.



Writing While Reading

Dead Romantic

It’s probably a very typical response, but I became a writer because I loved to read. I guess it’s natural to want to become what you love. And today I find in the post a book package from the gorgeous Mandee, one of those lovable Vegan YA Nerds. Thanks Mandee! I continuously read while I write. Not only books far removed from what I write, but books smack bang in the middle of the YA spectrum.

I made a pact with myself early on that I never wanted to be one of those writers that had to be locked away in a sound-proof cork room in order to be able to write, and not be exposed to anyone else’s work. It was hard when I was younger and more impressionable. I do remember the phase when I used to write in a terrible stream-of-consciousness style (I had read far too much Faulkner) and that time I thought I was Charlotte Bronte. But as I become more established, basically just wrote more, something interesting happened. I became comfortable with my voice and my style. I knew who I was as a writer. So while I can read anything these days and feel inspired, awed and in love with someone else’s work, I can’t help but write the way I still do. And anyway, I don’t want to emulate anyone. I really want to be myself.

So my writing advice is to:

a) write lots. It is true, the more you write the better you get. And if you’re destined to be an author, you’l find yourself.

b) read lots. You will learn more about writing reading books per se than books about how to write.

PS – if you’re wondering what that chocolate bar is, it’s like a vegan version of a Mars Bar, but way more delicious, the mollassey taste of the caramel is to die for*

*unintended tie-in pun with the novel.

New author photos by Emma Taylor

I recently had the pleasure of being photographed by the wonderfully talented Emma Taylor. Em and me go way back, having attended the same high school, but we didn’t hang in the same crowds and we went our separate ways in real life. We rediscovered each other through Facebook just recently (don’t you just love FB for that?) and seeing Em’s portfolio, I knew that I wanted her to do my next headshots! Em has a way of using natural light to make all her clients look naturally beautiful, relaxed and like themselves, just like every woman should look. No extreme photo-shopping or airbrushing for me thanks (but I will have that extra slice of cake instead). I hope you like the results you can see in this new portfolio here. I chose to wear my favourite white tutu and a special occasion Peach Party Dress. If you live in Perth, make sure you book a sesh with Em, she’ll make you feel so positive and embraced. One day you’ll look back and realise how truly beautiful you were:)

Welcome one, welcome all

Free blueberry muffins and pomegranate mocktails!! Sorry. Now that I have your attention, I profess I don’t have any (but if this were real life, I totally would). Greetings world, this is my new website, do you like it? I thought it was time for a fresh change. I think you will agree that everything is now a whole lot more functional, with my site and blog combined into one. It’ll also be easier for me to update you with the latest news, goss & stuff. Please have a look around and feel free to leave comments for me