Let me tell you my story.
Not just the facts I know you want to hear.
If I’m going to tell you my story,
I’m telling it my way.
Strap yourself in…

Eliza Boans has everything.
A big house.
A great education.
A bright future.
So why is she sitting in a police station confessing to murder?

Gripping, funny, dark and shocking. Welcome to the mind of a modern Furious girl.

Fury is Shirley Marr’s debut YA novel.

“…Eliza, a stand-up comic voice replete with the conventions of oral comedy: deliberate verbal red herrings, asides, careful timing, punchlines, one liners. To me, Marr’s character Eliza is a modern and very upmarket version of Kylie Mole”

Marlyn MacDonald (Perilous Adventures)

“If you love Gossip Girl, you’ll fall hard and fast for this addictive thriller. 4 out of 5″

Girlfriend Magazine

“I felt that Fury invokes some incredibly strong visuals and I imagined it would be like Sofia Coppola directing Heathers”

My Girl Friday

“I just have to say that the first chapter would have to be one of my all time favourite first chapters in a novel I have ever read”

Lost in Stories

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Reading Sample of Fury


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Title: Fury

Author: Shirley Marr

Publisher: Black Dog Books (an imprint of Walker Books Australia)

ISBN: 1742031323 (ISBN13: 9781742031323)


If you had a second chance at love, would you do it all over again?

Amy has enough to deal with for one lifetime.

A superstitious Chinese mother.

A best friend whose mood changes as dramatically as her hair colour.

A reputation for being strange.

The last thing she needs is to be haunted by someone only she can see.

Logan is a ghost from the Eighties. He could be dangerous. He’s certainly annoying.

He might also be Amy’s dream boy.

Preloved is Shirley Marr’s long overdue, sophomore YA novel released April 2012.


“Preloved is full of warmth, humour and retro supernatural. Will appeal to girls who love Twilight … and especially to those who don’t.”

The West Australian

“I imagined it as an eighties teen rom-com the entire time in my head. Big-time Hollywood film producers, who I know are definitely for sure reading my blog, take note.  I’m thinking about the casting at the moment.”

Steph Bowe

“When it comes to smart, flawed, memorable characters and vivacious prose, Shirley Marr’s flux capacitor is totally functioning at full throttle –and I can’t wait to strap in for the next ride.”

The Midnight Garden

“This book is full of humour, warmth and a genuine understanding of the difficulties faced in our modern, multicultural society. 4 out of 5 stars.”

Bookseller+Publisher Magazine

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Fishpond (free shipping for international & Aus buyers)


Chapter One of Preloved

Preloved Companion Story


Title: Preloved

Author: Shirley Marr

Publisher: Black Dog Books (an imprint of Walker Books Australia)

ISBN13: 9781742031903


Shirley Marr’s third novel is currently slated for a 2013 release.

It promises “bad girls, drama, revenge and intrigue”…