End of Year Wrap – That’s it Folks!


So this is what went down in 2016:

I HAVE A MANUSCRIPT. YEASSHH. It’s a 60K Dark YA Contemporary. YEASSHH. Here’s a pic from my inspiration board. It’s not a literal character in my book, more of cryptic representation. And anyway, it’s Utada in cat ears, I can’t make up anything as good as that. You might see more of my picture board next year 🙂



I haven’t spoken to my Beta (Super BetaGurl) in a very long time. In fact, every time I even think of her THIS starts playing in my head. Yes, that’s me below. I was a happy bridesmaid.


My MS is homeless. I’m not sure what direction to take with it yet.


I’ve further broadened my knowledge in diversity and its importance in literature. I believe as an author of colour it is my duty to write realistic and meaningful characters of colour. I’m also thinking about taking up a Sensitivity Reader next year.


I miss interacting with readers on social platforms. But I like… have no book!


I am now on sabbatical, so see you sometime next year I hope. It’s been SO SO long since my last update/book/everything. But…

Stay Beautiful