2013 New Year Personal Goals

I blogged about my writing goals for 2013 here, this post will be dedicated to the personal things I’m resolving to do this year. So far, I’m doing well!

2013 is the year of no new clothes

This statement has already horrified a few women, but when I think about it, the majority of the time I  buy clothes because I think I need them or to make myself feel better. I’ve had a long, hard think about this reasoning and I’ve decided that 1) I have plenty of work & play clothes in my wardrobe already and 2) I don’t want my clothes to define me. I am going to see if I can get through a whole year without needing to buy anything (underwear, socks etc exempt of course, I’m not that hard core!).

If I need something I will buy it Preloved (lol, in seriousness I do mean second hand).

Or I will recycle what I have – that burgundy bridesmaid gown from my beta’s wedding is going to get shortened and I will wear it to another wedding (as a guest) in April 2013.

If I hit a snag, I’ll decide what to to do then – but the important thing is I will think about it, my consumption and the footprint I’m leaving on this world. I have a beautiful wardrobe of lovely threads and in 2013, I will cherish each and every one of them and think how lucky I am to own them.

2013 is the year of simplicity

When did life become so… complicated? This year, I promise to live simply, sustainably and be happy with the world. I will not beat myself over what I don’t have, what I want and what I think I need. I am going to focus on what is on the inside.

2013 is the year of de-clutter

This will be one big year-long spring clean! I know I will feel so much better once I get rid of the things that have been sitting in my cupboards, wardrobe and house forever. I have CDs I seriously haven’t listened to for 10 years. I have gifts people I have given me (hello fondue sets. Yes, I mean the three of you) that I have never touched. The aim is to either Use, Sell or Give Away. Someone else can get use out of them! After taking four bootloads of donatables to the Salvos, I feel so much better. And I’ll donate a percentage of the rest which I plan to eBay, to charity.

2013 is the year of kindness

As a former vegetarian, I recently went back to eating vegetarian 5 times a week and I feel so good about it. I will continue to support cruelty-free products & brands and I will keep feeding the ginger secret cat that visits me every night at 10pm (the one that used to cry all night and day because he was hungry). Maybe this year he will formally become my un-secret cat. I will be kind to the world, to strangers and to animals. I will be kind to myself!

How are your personal 2013 New Year Resolutions going?

2013 New Year Writing Goals

Happy New Year! How did you spend the last night of 2012? Mine involved drinking punch, eating cheeses & olives and dancing with my Beta, but perhaps the less said about that the better! (No, it was awesome. I’m always up for punch with fresh blueberries and strawberries in it.)

The ever lovely Emily (@ekmarquart) inspired me to examine what I want to achieve with my writing this year, so the following is (hopefully) my promises to myself.

Finish my current manuscript.

Did I tell you that my manuscript was “almost ready”? Well, I’m a blatant liar, that’s what I am. Maybe every writer goes through the same motions. A few weeks ago I LOVED my manuscript. It might have been something to do with the lychee martini that was accompanying me while I edited. But now, I look at it and I HATE it. These are harsh words. I know I’ll look at it tomorrow and think it’s not so bad, maybe I might even acknowledge that some parts are good. What I have to do is navigate through the push and pull and get this thing DONE. And to accomplish that I need to…

Be kinder to myself.

Trinity wrote a beautiful piece here, about setting personal bars and I couldn’t empathize more. Trying to compare myself to someone else can be a way to motivate, aspire and aim high – but when one is feeling low, it can also be soul sapping and detrimental. But ultimately we can’t help but always make comparisons, because it’s a human way to make sense of our place in the scheme of the writerly world. I’ll always sub-consciously do it, but I’m going to consciously say to myself more – when I’m sick of this room with all the bars and ladders, I’m going to go into the empty room next door and dance to the music I hear in my head (which may or may not be Robert Palmer) and be free to do my own thing.

Start something new.

Did I mention aiming high before? I want to complete my current manuscript and then write a first draft of an entirely new one before the year is out. This might seem impossible right now, but I’m very pugnacious. I have no idea what I want to write, but part of the fear is also the excitement. I love new beginnings.

Venture into The Land Where Abandoned Manuscripts Go to Languish and Die.

Does everyone else also have a deep secret draw of stuff they’ve started but never finished, abandoned beginnings and a general garbage heap of sketches, ideas, single sentences etc? I cringe when I think about it. I have a folder called “emo things” that may require a gas mask and radioactive equipment before I dare touch it. But 2013 is the year I tidy up (or at least look at) the things I wrote maybe 5 years ago. I might discover an accidentally thrown out gem. Or at least have a good laugh, a retrospective and (maybe sentimental) understand better how far I’ve come. It after all, is the year of being easier on myself.

Remember to write down my new ideas.

I’m terrible at recording stuff. The amount of times I’ve said inside my head “hey, that’s a great idea” and then promptly forget 10 minutes later is astounding. This year I will make a concerted effort to keep a little pocket book with me and force myself to scribble in it. Maybe this time I will capture that million dollar idea. Or not. But I like the idea of having something physical in the end, rather than thinking I can hold it all in my head and then losing it all.

Become an astonishingly rich, uber famous full time author. Oh and my book will be turned into a movie (or a TV series, but only if it can’t be a movie).

Don’t we all wish? But seriously, writing is an art you do for yourself, if you’re in it for the money then that’s a completely wrong way about it. It should be about writing a book that in 50 years time will last as a classic, not about which bandwagon you can jump on so you too can “succeed”. Having said that, I would love, love, love to gain international rights, but only so that more people can read my work:-) I don’t ever want to lose the romance of why I did all this in the first place.

 What are your New Year Writing Resolutions?

Will 2013 be your year?

Do you promise to be nicer to your inner writer? (because you do deserve it, you know)