18 Months


Actually, that’s not a bad name for a very long and arduous novel where the heroine has long monologues about her feels and there is lots of describing the weather going on. In reality, it has been that long since I have written a single word, but I snuck out into a patch of winter sunshine and caught up with Lady Writer Cristy Burne for a sugar, carb & paper fix. Wrote some notes. It might be another 18 months before you her from me again, but I am excited. PS – yes that is a dress with teapots on it and I will buy it and I wear it to a book launch one day.


Cait @ Paper Fury

This post is so full of amazing wonderfulness! Also pancakes. Glorious pancakes. So, so glad you’re writing again! <3

shirley marr
shirley marr

Sorry, I am so late to this party Cait! Thank you. Have a virtual pancake 🙂

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